Friday, February 8, 2008

How it all began!

I have always done something creative. As a child I was the one always coloring, drawing and collaging. This love of creativity continued through High School and eventually on to an Interior Design program in college. After many classes of painting, drawing, sculpture and design, I started to develop my own "style". I went out into the working world as a designer at an Architectural firm. My career progressed very nicely and I absolutely loved what I was doing. Still, all the while, I knew I wanted to start using my creative energies in a more personal way. But I was still searching for that perfect . . .thing. I envied people who had found their passion and could just lose all sense of time when they were creating.

Shortly after my first daughter was born in 2001, I began to look for a way to release some creative energy while caring for a newborn. I tried scrapbooking, not for me. I tossed around some ideas of starting my own design business but that was just overwhelming and not personal enough. Then one day I woke up, literally, and thought . . . jewelry! It really was just that simple.
I went out that very afternoon and started poking around some local craft shops. Honestly, I got a little carried away. It feels like I bought the entire store's inventory of beads, gemstones, stringing materials, findings, etc. I found that making jewelry was another form of sculpture, only you could wear it! I then poured myself into learning everything I could and started making my own designs. I'm STILL learning!

I decided that this was a great opportunity to start my own business. I had always wanted to, but never had anything to sell or the time to put into it. At this point in my life I had both. So now it's growing, slowly but surely. Honestly, it never could have happened without the support of my husband. His patience and willingness to help with EVERYTHING has been a true blessing. What can you say about a guy who will get up at crack of dawn on a Saturday morning to haul our stuff 90 miles to a craft show.

Now, here we are 5 years later! A growing jewelry business & an online children's boutique! I wonder what is next?

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