Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bracelet Sizing Guidelines

Measuring Your Wrist Size

You can get an approximate measurement of your wrist by using a soft seamstress-style measuring tape or take a piece of loose string/ribbon and place around the wrist area. Align string/ribbon alongside a ruler or measuring tape to get wrist measurement. For children, add 1/2" to wrist measurement to get proper sizing and for adults, add 1" to the actual wrist measurement. Example: If my child's actual wrist measures 5", I would add 1/2" to get her bracelet size, which would measure 5.5".

Standard Size Chart

We highly recommend obtaining your own wrist measurement to ensure a proper fit, but we know that it is sometimes just not practical. Below is a standard size chart that may be used when you are not able to get an actual wrist measurement. The majority of infants and children fall within these ranges.

0-3 months 3.5"
3-6 months 4.0"
6-12 months 4.5"
12-24 months 5.0"
2-4 years 5.5"
5-7 years 6.0"
8-12 years 6.5"

Adult Small 7.0"
Adult Average 7.5"
Adult Large 8.0"
Adult X-Large 8.5"

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