Sunday, March 16, 2008

Giveaway Rules

Don't sweat it, there are only a couple of rules. It wouldn't be contest if there weren't any.

- You must enter a comment on the Giveaway Post to enter the Giveaway Contest. Now please make sure your comment either contains an email address. If you are on blogger, please do not assume that I can find you. Yes, Blogger comments will link to your profile, but if you do not share your profile, then I cannot contact you. Anonymous comments will only be accepted if you include an email address in your comment.

- Winners will be contacted via email.

- One entry per person.

- Check the entire giveaway post for other applicable rules or guidelines.

LBB is not responsible for:
- Faulty product information.
- Companies that don't follow through with a promised product (though please tell me if this happens so we can shoot them dirty looks through the airewaves).
- Your tax liability created by receipt of a prize, should you win.

Please note that we may not have always "tried out" or have even laid eyes on some of the products showcased here. But if we have, of course, I will tell you.

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suite1954 said...

Wow! My Youngun will love this!